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An Interview with Creative Director Sanne Sehested of GESTUZ

Written by Mhairi McDermott


Posted on February 08 2017


One of our favourite labels here at M Boutique is the stylishly, cool Gestuz.  We know you guys are loving this Scandi label just as much as we do, and we thought you might like to get to know the Creative Director behind the brand, Sanne Sehested, a little better... 

What part did fashion play in your life when growing up?
I have always been interested in fashion ever since I can remember. I started working in a fashion boutique as soon as a was allowed

We know you spent a significant proportion of your career as a buyer (starting at only 21 years old), what inspired you to take the leap and start your own brand?
I had the great opportunity to start my own brand, it was a dream came true, I always wanted to create my own brand

What is the Gestuz ethos? Has the brand aesthetic evolved over the years?
Gestuz is based on my own style and what I want to wear. Back when Gestuz was founded in 2008 the rock n roll vibe was dominating the fashion scene, so Gestuz was born into the rock and roll vibe which is still a main factor in the brand, even though we have grown and followed time, we look different now, but still with a rock n roll vibe

How do you envisage your designs being worn? By whom?
Cool girls around the world, I see so many cool girls all around the world and it makes so happy every time I see Gestuz in the streets.

You’re based in Ikast, what does it mean to be outside of the traditional fashion capitals of the world? Does it allow you more freedom?
When we are developing the collections I am so intensive around that, so the location does not play a part for me. Denmark is such a small country so traveling to Copenhagen and take part in our office there is a weekly thing for me. In general I am travelling a lot, I enjoy that a lot.

What sets Scandinavian style apart from others?
The Scandinavian style is in general underdress in a modern and chic way, we let the personality do the talking, but still we have no rules around dressing. I see that the Scandinavian styles is developing at the moment, from normally being very clean and minimalistic I see that there is no rules now, everything can be combined and styled in a personal way. But the Scandinavian style always stick to ‘less is more’

Talk us through your typical day in the studio?
We are going through the styles we receive from the supplier. We check and commenting on everything quality, color, fit, zippers, stitches, buttons, every details is being discussed to make sure we get it just right. I am also trying each and every style on so I can make comments and make sure the fit and feeling of the clothes is perfect. The next collection is always an ongoing process every day, we have so many ideas and we are filled with excitement every time we are doing a new collection

How do you go about designing a classic piece?
Quality is the most important thing when making classic pieces, you should have them for many years. I love making clothes that can be worn in many different ways and in many different situations, a cool leather jacket looks perfect with denim for daily wear but gets another look when combining it with a beautiful silk dress, for me that is a classic piece.

What or who has been your principle fashion influence?
People, places and music have inspired / is my biggest inspiration

When travelling, which places have you been that have inspired you the most?
New York always inspires and surprises me

How would you describe your own style?
Intuitive, effortless and feminine with an edge

What does the perfect capsule wardrobe contain?
Leather jackets, basic shirt, blazer, denim and t-shirts.